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Apple - Meaning of Dream


Apple is a symbol of prosperity, wealth, perfection and beauty, fulfilled goals and desires. The interpretation of apples in a dream depends on how you saw it: on the ground or on a tree, ripe or rotten. But overall, this wonderful and beloved fruit has very positive symbolism. Even if you just see apples - itself it is a favorable sign. And if it is red and ripe with bright green foliage, it means that you are the favorite of fortune, it is extremely happy sign.

If you see ripe apples on the tree, then your hour of triumph has begun. It's time for all your hopes to come true, so thoroughly think about what you want from life, and what actions you should take in order to move towards your dream. Also you should pay attention to where exactly in the tree crown you see ripe apples. If it is ripe only at the top, it is recommended to be moderate in the desires.

If you dreamed of spoiled apples, which you eat, it is a bad sign, but don’t be upset about the prediction, you are the creator of own destiny. Be patient and believe in own strength, and all roads will open to you.

If you saw a lot of apples lying on the ground, according to dream interpretation by Miller, you should revise your circle of close friends in order to bring your enemies into light. They might pretend to be your friends and will harm you, while you least expect.

Apple is a symbol of good luck, which leads you to a great success in life, even in matters of love; you need to enjoy the moment.

Therefore, if you listen to the predictions of Vanga, the dream of apple is a good sign that brings good luck and happiness. Especially such a dream is favorable if the couple sees apples in the lush foliage at the tree. These red fruits are an indication that a good period of your life has begun.

The only possible bad meaning can spoiled apple have, or an apple with a worm. Such dreams mean that you have to be overly cautious, because you will be surrounded by a large number of detractors.

The basic meaning of the dream says that now is the most favorable period for the accomplishment of something new, bold, and innovative. Only now you will succeed easily with any undertakings, your ideas will be widely used and recognized.

Also Vanga said that for students or graduates apples in a dream mean good period in life.

After all, only now all your dreams will finally be come true, and you should use the moment, because you should make a decision about your future life.

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