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Apricot - Meaning of Dream


Apricot is a symbol of events that can happen to a person in the future. It may turn out that night dream events will occur on the very next day. However, the execution of the dream sometimes is delayed. Therefore we should not expect that such prediction will immediately start being accomplished in the real life.

Sometimes it happens that a person sees in fine, you could even say heavenly apricot orchards. It would seem that you shouldn’t worry about anything after such a sweet and calm picture.

But in order to understand what apricots mean in this case, you must remember that an apricot tree has a fairly dense crown. Its foliage is able to hide all sorts of things. And they will not necessarily be only positive. Therefore, this garden symbolizes the presence of hidden grief in the future.

Apricot in the dream means sexual power of woman. If it is ripe, you are satisfied with yourself, green, your affairs will collapse. If you see apricot dried out, it’s a bad sign, and you will suffer a great disappointment.

For men this is a sign of upcoming acquaintance with young lady. For women it is a meaning of good health. If a woman eats an apricot, she will become happy and contented. If a man eats an apricot, he will be influenced by treacherous person. If you see your beloved eating apricot, in real life you will not find mutual understanding.

If you see that somebody eats apricot, means that in real life you are not satisfied with your surroundings.

If in your dream you see an apricot garden you have to think about your real life, maybe you see everything through rose-colored glasses.

Pick up an apricot from the tree, bad sign, unpleasant events are near, and only you are the reason of your troubles.

To receive apricots as a treat in a vase means that you will be upset with inappropriate joke.

If you sell apricots in your dream, in real life you will be successful in business.

If in a dream you give an apricot to somebody as a present, in real life you will cause problems to this person. If you are making jam from apricots, you will receive some bad news, but it won’t regard you.

Apricots mean new business offers, which you will refuse in favor of present job.

If you see blooming apricot tree, this indicates that you are not connected with reality, you soar in the clouds. In present time you think that “tomorrow” will be as happy, beautiful and funny as “yesterday”. That is why wait for disappointments, if only you don’t change your perception happening.

If you plant an apricot tree, you will get pregnant and give birth to a girl.

Tree in blossom, move to a new house.

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