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April - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of April, you may rejoice, because this dream has a positive meaning, joy, pleasure and profit. The main thing is to remember the details of a dream for better interpretation. It is important to be very careful and remember everything with precision.

If you dream of some events that take place in April, it means that you are incredibly lucky and you will enjoy pleasures of upcoming events. There is also a chance to meet a soul mate or to strengthen relationships with present partner.

If you dream of a sunny April day, it means that all your love problems will be solved in the near future in the best way possible. Rainy April day means that you may face love failures.

Walking in a park or on an alley and enjoying April weather means that you will take care about someone and it will take lots of efforts but it will be pleasant for you.

If you dream of a cold and wet April day, it means that in reality you will receive unpleasant news that will destroy the existing plans, hopes and illusions.

If you buy a calendar and pay attention to the month of April, it means that you will get a good profit that will provide you with everything you need for a long time.

Dreaming of first plants in blossom means that new professional activity will please you.

To see April on a calendar and bad weather in the window – be ready for unpleasant news that will destroy your plans and your peace.

To stop at April, while turning pages of calendar, means that your efforts will be highly appreciated.

To see a wedding knowing that it is April now is a sign that you will get to know something about your beloved person, but it will not be true. It is a hint that you need to pay more attention to your feelings and not logics.