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Aqualung - Meaning of Dream

To see an aqualung in a dream means that your request will be refused. Not necessarily at work, it might be something that you have asked for a long time in family, and they still decide that it is a bad idea. No matter how many arguments you have, they will not change their opinion. You need to get rid of this idea, in order to have good relations and not to spoil it completely. But if you are so persistent and still want to do that, you need to wait for long, till they get used for your plan.

To dive with an aqualung means that you will have a conflict with your folks. To see an aqualung on sand means that you need to beware of unnecessary expenses.

To swim in an aqualung, means that your boss will be disappointed in you. Perhaps you dream a lot at work and forget to finish some tasks. Despite the fact that you have a few warnings about this, you still continue the same behavior. If you want to stay on this position, you better be more attentive, if not – it is time to get fired, because other people want this position with bigger aspiration.

If you try an aqualung on, you will be in the center of somebody’s rumors. To take it off – your love relationship will end.

For not married lady, an aqualung has the meaning of loneliness or infertility.

A dream where you die because of lack of air in aqualung is a good sign. You will be lucky soon.

A dream with an aqualung is a sign of possible problems with thorax.