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Aquamarine - Meaning of Dream

Aquamarine is a nice shiny precious stone. If you see aquamarine in your dream, you will find new friends in real life.

Aquamarine is considered to be a talisman of love and friendship; it allows a better understanding of a loved one and forgiveness of weakness. This stone will help you to sincerely forgive an enemy, if it is difficult to do alone. It is proved that you can use this mineral to quit smoking or get rid of alcohol addiction.

Aquamarine opens paranormal abilities of the person, helping to see the phenomena that are not visible for normal eye. Stone gives its owner the ability to find harmony with oneself and the world, to perform more good deeds. If a person decides to do something bad, stone could protect him from rash step.

If you dream of aquamarine, it reflects your emotions. It has the color of water, and it embodies the qualities of energy, youth and hope. If you see a slightly different shade of color, it is important to try to remember what kind of feelings you had in your dream; and also about a particular color.

Aquamarine symbolizes the ocean, in ancient Egypt, it was considered as a stone belonging to the sea goddess.

Title crystal - «aqua marina» is translated from Latin and means "sea water". Aquamarine is able to bestow psychological stability and independence from outside influence to its owner. It helps to get rid of isolation, gives the ability to clearly express own wishes and thoughts. Magical properties of aquamarine give its owner the ability to endure pain better. This crystal eliminates the excessive irritability and aggression in behavior, it also gives confidence.