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Aquarium - Meaning of Dream


Aquarium is a quite happy symbol boding happiness, love, favorable changes and the birth of children.

But it can be interpreted ambiguously, depending on the circumstances in which you saw the dream.

If the fish in the aquarium is very beautiful, it is a sign of upcoming marriage for young women. And the groom will be an influential and wealthy person. However, a happy family life will not be acquired.

If you change the water in the aquarium, be ready for quick changes.

If someone in your dream catches aquarium fish and you do nothing about it, you will face challenges, the appearance of which will be your fault.

If you dream of a goldfish in an aquarium, it is a symbol that your dreams will come true in the near future.

If you dream of a broken aquarium, this means trouble and groundless worries.

If you feed your fish swimming in the aquarium, in the next few days you will have tedious and monotonous work, which will require a lot of patience from you.

To dream of a fish kissing in an aquarium, means love and a happy marriage.

If you clean the aquarium, it is a sign that some detractors dismiss gossips behind your back. Do not trust your intuition, because now it can quit on. Better take a closer look to your surroundings.

To dream that someone is watching the fish in your aquarium, it means meeting with an unpleasant person. However, after meeting him your opinion about a person can change dramatically for the better.

If you see an aquarium without the water and without fish, you are unhappy with the behavior of your loved one. Think about whether you want to be with him/her or not. Perhaps your demands are groundless. Try not to take everything close to heart.

If you buy a large aquarium in the store, it portends significant spending, which will seriously affect your wallet (financial state). This dream is a sign that you should be economical. If you buy a small aquarium, be ready for failure of the planned enterprise for good reasons.

If the aquarium is dreamed by people born in January, February, March or April, it is worth waiting for bad news. If it is empty, it means that a loved one has ceased to feel old feelings and now just uses the partner. He/she doesn’t need relationships anymore. This will continue until someone pours water and places the fish in the aquarium. If it will not happen in the nearest future, you will have to break up.

Often an aquarium with fish swimming gracefully symbolizes rest. This means that you can relax and enjoy the quiet life. If the water is muddy, it means stagnation in affaires or impaired judgment.

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