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Arab - Meaning of Dream

In a dream you see Arab wearing national clothes it is a good sign, soon joyful events will happen. It is not time for sorrows and bad mood, now a new and happy stage in your life begins.

To be Arab in a dream, but other nationality in real life, means that you will start a journey which will leave only pleasant impressions in your memory. You will be accompanied with a true friend or a partner, and will share positive emotions together.

To fight with Arab or to hit him means that somebody else will travel instead of you, and you will regret about it. You will lose a chance of your life time, no matter whether it was a business trip or a vocation. But don’t get upset, you will soon receive another very interesting opportunity, you just need to wait.

For a lady, a dream with Arab means that her partner will become jealous and emotional. Even if she is honest with him, he will start groundless suspicion, because someone has spread bad rumors about her.

To be in the bed with Arab, according to a dream interpreter, means that the present relationships are in the crisis now. Perhaps you are tired of monotonous life and you want some extreme. Try to speak about this with your partner, and if he agrees with you, you will be able to save your relations.

If Arab steals you in a dream, it expresses your readiness to start relations with unknown person. You want a new life, no matter what.

Arab in man’s dream is a hint that his lady needs more than he can give. In order to preserve the relationship, he needs to be more attentive to her wishes.