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Arch - Meaning of Dream

Dreaming of an arch which is very high almost reaching the sky - in reality a dreamer will become very successful, and everyone will start asking for help. It should be noted that this symbol brings changes in the life of a dreamer.

If you dream of a luxurious garden behind an arch, in the future you will become rich and will be able to open your own business.

If an arch is seen in the darkness - in reality you should be ready for disappointment.

Most often, an arch is a harbinger of wealth, but this symbol may have other interpretations, which depend on other elements of a dream.

If you dream of an arch you will gain honor and respect. If you dream about standing under it, it means that in life you will win favour of noble people who will help you to gain significance in the community and become a rich person.

If you see it collapse, it is a harbinger of the fact that all your hopes for a better life will be destroyed by a jealous woman.

If you build an arch in a dream, it means that you will have to work hard in order to become a rich and respected person. Also, for a girl, this dream promises marriage with a rich young man, the marriage will be successful, despite the heavy nature of her husband.

If you pass under the arch, you will have a pleasant acquaintance, after which you will sign a lucrative contract. For a woman, this dream promises her husband, whom she will admire and respect, because he has a good character and generous nature.

If you pass under the arch and feel relief at the same time, this dream means that everything bad is left behind, and you can hope for better.

In order to understand what an arch means, you should remember how it looked like.

If it was old and ramshackle, a dreamer should prepare for hard times; arch decorated with flowers - a new lover; arch painted in black – sign of the funeral.

If you paint an arch, it is a sign of the triumph, which will bring all your relatives together; if you break it – you will destroy your own life.

To see a big and decorated arch is a sign that soon you will gain good income and expected success.

Arc de Triomphe in a dream means fame, and if it was decorated with colored lights, a dreamer will experience wealth, which he/she could not even dream of.

If an arch doesn’t lead to anything, it means that you will need to manage double game in order to gain profit.

A dream where you see a destroyed arch means that you will be quite disappointed.

To walk under the broken arch means that you will be in dangerous situation.

For a lady, to see a dream with arch ruins means that she will become independent, but together with that all her plans will collapse.