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Architect - Meaning of Dream

Those who had the opportunity to dream of an architect must know how to interpret it. Each of the dreams expresses its own essence. For example, if a person sees an architect who makes drawings of a house, it is a sign of a purchase of a new home or summer cottage.

For a young woman, dreaming of an architect is a waning about significant difficulties in choosing a candidate for marriage. If she sees him working, the plans about marriage will be hard to fulfill.

If in a dream you meet an architect, it means that in the near future some news will cause you worries and hassle. If you see an architect at his working place, it means that your affairs will spontaneously and unprofitably change.

If you see an architect making designs of a project, it means that in real life all your plans can collapse. And, unfortunately, your best friend will be a culprit of the collapse.

If you worked as an architect in a dream, you will have an honor to participate in the construction of a public organization or party.

If you talk with someone about a particular project, in fact, there may be difficulties that are associated with the implementation of your goals. If this conversation goes well, you will be able to overcome all the difficult moments and carry out your plans. But if you don’t share the opinion of an architect in a dream, it means that the project will come to naught because of disagreements between business partners.

If an architect plays a key role in your dream and while discussing a project with him you gave up on arguing about it, this dream means that business transaction in real life is not destined to be carried out. The reason for that will not depend on you.

To see an architect building/working means that in real life you will face serious changes in your businesses, which will cause expenses and losses. In the dream an architect persuades you to build a house, in real life you need to be careful, somebody tries to trick you.

According to the dream interpreter, meeting with an architect means serious changes in financial sphere.

To see somebody of your relatives or friends being an architect means that you can receive financial support from some of your forgotten folks.