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Archive - Meaning of Dream

To see an archive in a dream reminds you about something which you missed at work or at home. This fact is reflected in your dream, if you want to realize it, you need to keep your matters in order.

If in a dream you secretly sneak inside an archive, it means that you are going to overtake an impulsive action. Be ready, it will have unexpected circumstances in the future. Try to think twice before you do an inconsiderable act.

In a dream you see a maze of archives and you walk along to find something important, but your search is unavailing, this dream means that you try to remember unpleasant event from the past. In this case, you better give up thinking of the past, and start planning your future.

If you see yourself organizing the piles of letters and personal documentation in archive – maybe you forget something very important for you in this period of life, and your subconscious mind is trying to find the answer.

If in a dream you work in archive, it is a hint that you want to renew previous relations from a distant past.

To work in KGB archive – is a warning, that in real life you will be trapped in bad circumstances, and only your intuition will help you to manage the situation.

To view the documents of some famous scientist warns that soon you will need to demonstrate the maximum of fantasy and perseverance in order to prove your significance.

Dreaming of an archivist is a bad sign, the circumstances from the past will influence your present and future, as well as the fate of your close relatives and friends.

A dream, where you see yourself as an archivist, warns you that in the future you might become the reason of crime.