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Arena - Meaning of Dream

To be in arena in s dream means that you will be surrounded by people, who like to discuss your deeds and life. It doesn’t mean that they are your enemies; this dream indicates your interesting personality which is the object of people talks.

Dreaming of circus arena means that in real life you will need to overcome a few obstacles.

If you see animals on circus arena it is a sign that you will try hard to justify your reputation. This dream is a reflection of your life. If you see a tiger on arena, it means that your life will be full of fights for own rights. An elephant on arena means that your hard work will be priced, and you will have a freedom of action. A bear on arena is a symbol of family life and your partner. If it is active while making tricks, everything in your life will be held according to a plan. If a bear gets furious and doesn’t obey the commands, you need to pay attention to relations with your partner, perhaps you never listen to others opinions except you own.

A dream where you fall down into arena means that you will be in difficult situation because of unexpected turn of events.

To be in arena in company of person whom you love, due to the dream interpreter, means that the events of closest future will be pleasant and unexpected.

To observe arena from auditorium means that you don’t participate in events around you, you just observe other people’s success.

Observing of sport competition on arena, means that soon a dreamer will be surprised with success in career.

To see an empty arena in the dream means that a dreamer will not be able to find new friends.