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Armchair - Meaning of Dream

An armchair in a dream symbolizes health and family hearth. If you dream of soft, luxurious, well-made armchair - after awakening get ready for prosperity, family well-being, peace and good health.

Unstable wicker chair with fragile structure heralds turbulent period, the lack of funds, the struggle for a decent existence, and perhaps overwork.

If you sit in an armchair and expect danger, it tells that you actually have health problems. A dream about a wheelchair has the same interpretation.

Dirty, shaky, broken chair forebodes poverty, disorder in the family, a change in priorities, and anxiety.

If the armchair is large with exquisite soft pillows, it portends improvement and stabilization of your position. You will happen to meet a patron who will protect you from harm and provide with prosperity.

A strange and unusual chair symbolizes the amazing offer and an unusual place. If you saw such a chair in your own house, it tells that you will experience great changes and substantial fortune.

A dream, in which you see a rocking chair, is a harbinger of rest, comfort, and understanding within the family. In Miller’s interpretation the same dream portend friendliness, a sense of warmth and caring. If you saw your mother or beloved in this chair you will experience happiness, luck, and joy. Empty rocking chair portends loneliness, unhappiness, and loss.

If you dream of expensive antique chair of the large sizes, it heralds a significant material wealth, riches, and significant changes in life for the better. However, a completely different dream about a fragile and unstable chair forebodes the worsening of financial situation, or anxiety associated with work or earning money.

As a conclusion you should remember that the fated will happen. Nevertheless, do not worry too much because of the inevitable. Even if the dream is bad, you need to think what can be done to prevent the situation and do it. And if everything possible has been done and nothing depends on you anymore, you should relax and live getting the most out of life.