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Army - Meaning of Dream

Army is a symbol of violence, power and conflict. Dreaming of army means that in reality a person will run into some kind of force and inevitability, as seen dream might mean that he/she should stop and think about own future.

If you see yourself serving in an army, this dream can be understood in several interpretations, on one hand, it could mean some difficulties in business, on the other - an unpleasant conversation, which can not be avoided, no matter how much you want it.

Army in a dream usually means something disappointing, but marching soldiers can be seen as a sign of a very big change. You should only hope for good changes.

If you dream that you are called on service in army, in reality you will be drawn into a protracted and unpleasant conflict, but seeing off in army carry a positive meaning and assume receipt of a letter or news.

If you dream of a bullying in an army, you will be influenced by a very demanding and cruel man.

If you dreamed of an army led by a warlord, this dream promises inevitable glory. It is a great luck to dream of warhorses entering a won city, as this dream promises wealth and moving up the career ladder.

If you dream of training at the shooting range, it means that you will spend a lot of energy, and your efforts will not be beneficial.

To command an entire army in a dream means that you will not be a participant but an observer of a conflict from outside.

If you dream of movement of military equipment, this dream threatens small troubles and problems that are likely to lead to depression or a nervous breakdown.

A battle with an enemy in a dream suggests that you have to make important decisions without the help of other people. Defeated enemy's army reflect you as a person who is ready to take extreme measures in order to achieve own goals.

To see an army in a dream means that soon you will need to face an important obstacle in life.

If you see aggressive army, it is a sign that there are some troubles ahead.

If an army is large, due to the dream interpreter, you will depend on somebody.

To see an army fighting in a battle signals that you will provoke a great scandal.

If you see an army that loses, in real life you are ready to do everything in order to achieve your goal.