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Aroma - Meaning of Dream

Aroma in a dream is a subconscious aspiration for new feelings. Sweet aromas for a woman in a dream are a prognostic of happy moments.

If you feel aroma from a person, it is a reminder that you have to take care of your appearance especially if you are planning a new acquaintance.

To feel the aroma of food in a dream means that you will be impressed by your passion for art.

In a dream you feel flowers’ aromas, this dream means that you are surrounded by love and care.

To have a good aroma of expensive perfume is an expression of complacency and success. In reality you stand on the start line of your successful journey. You need to manage this task, and never stop working at your self-development, only then you will reach a lot. The aroma of perfumes in a dream means unusual event, adventurous idea and happy arrangement.

If you pick up perfumes for yourself in a dream, it means that you have to be ready for a difficult choice. It seems that you going to lose more than you can achieve. In fact, your dream symbolizes the correct direction of your actions; don’t wait for anybody’s help. Your difficulties will finish when you completely rely on your fate and make a decision. Your intuition will do half the battle.

In a dream you feel the aroma of a garden, you will plan to buy a garden plot.

To feel the aroma of a lily means that sorrow will happen in your life, sharpening your perception and clearing your mind.

The aroma of a blooming poppy means that you can be a victim of deception and flattery.

A dream about aromatherapy is a reflection of your ability to get pleasure with a help of your smelling.

To observe a procedure of aromatherapy is a sign that you seek for closer contact with nature. It reflects your desire to develop smell and be healthier.