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Arrears - Meaning of Dream

In the modern dream book, a dreaming in which your management has arrears of wages to employees, tells that in upcoming future you will postpone for a while the embodiment of previously planned events in life. If in a dream your boss promises to eliminate the debt and pay all wages, most likely, soon you will miss a good chance to significantly improve own business due to the lack of money.

For girls, the dreams, in which someone repays debts is a sign of unexpected acquaintance with a man of the dreams. If such dreams are seen by married women and men, it may signal the presence of enemy or a competitor.

Arrears, which a dreamer owed to any organization or strangers, signal that soon a person will be disappointed with the close friend or relative, or even a child. But a dream in which you happen to pay off the debt, is an omen of a good and successful development of all matters initiated by you, you will always keep the situation under control.

According to Miller, the debt is considered as a bad omen, and may signal that upcoming future, you will need a huge amount of money for unplanned expenses. A dreaming, in which arrears are the main object, can also be a sign that when planning some cases or events you didn’t take into account all costs, so the need for additional cash donation will be an unpleasant surprise.

Dreams, in which you get rid of all debts, portends that life will go according to the plan, and affairs at work and in personal life will develop in a positive way.

According to Vanga if you borrow money, it tells that you are a kind and generous person, who can always be relied upon. Such dreams mean, that in foreseeable future you will request help in a small business, and friends or colleagues will support you.

If you dream that the strangers or government agencies are indebted, soon for the successful outcome of the affairs you will need to spend a large amount of money.

If you count money or require repayment of debts in a dream, it signals that in life you need to rethink own priorities and put non-financial issues and human relations first.