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Arrest - Meaning of Dream

Arrest is a symbol of the lack of freedom, problems and concerns. If you are arrested in front of a big group of people, it means that soon there will be an amnesty. Moreover, if you strongly resist the arrest, it means that someone of your relatives will return from prison.

If you are arrested without witnesses, it is a sign of success in business.

If someone else was arrested in front of you, this dream warns you about inevitable troubles.

Dreaming of arrest of a person whom you dislike means that you will be successful. If you see him/her resisting the arrest, it means that you will move up the career ladder.

If you were arrested in the presence of your partner, it portends failure in love and loneliness through your fault.

If a woman sees how her beloved one is being arrested, in reality she is likely to convict him of treason. If he resists the arrest, then the suspicions are groundless.

If you are arrested on false charges in a dream, it means that in reality you will receive unexpected business proposal, which would be very beneficial.

If you were arrested and then released due to the lack of evidence, it means that you will suffer from ill-wishers, but eventually you will gain superiority over them. If a prisoner in a dream haunts you, it's a sign of disease.

Dreaming of arrest of several people who are unknown to you means that your desires are not feasible because of your fault. If you see your friends arrested, in reality you can count on their selfless assistance.

Your escape from the arrest may symbolize an upcoming meeting with relatives, or good news.

If you are arrested on charges of murder, it means that you will get freedom and get rid of your subconscious fears.

If you see yourself in handcuffs in a dream, it means that in life you are not free in your desires, and that you will soon face the obstacles that will alienate you from your plans for a long time.

If you dream that you escape from a jail, it means a long-awaited meeting with a woman you love, or a major transaction.