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Arrhythmia - Meaning of Dream

To receive news that you have arrhythmia in a dream means that you are worried too much about your health. Prophylactic treatment is rather good but only in a moderate amount. Don’t over overdo this treatment; otherwise people will think that you are a strange person.

To feel arrhythmia in a dream is a hint that you never estimate the time correctly, and you are always late. In order to solve this dilemma, you need to plan your day from the morning, and then just follow the plan in precise timing.

To climb up the stairs and feel the symptoms of arrhythmia means that you will be upset with news about your far relatives. Perhaps some of them died, and others will come to visit or even live with you.

To feel arrhythmia in public transport means that you don’t have enough time for own business because you help others a lot. You have to remember about own needs as well, and don’t forget, that some times people don’t treat you in the same way as you do, and you might not get any help in case you need.

For a sportsman, an arrhythmia in a dream means that very soon he will decrease the number of his contacts due to some health problems.

If in a dream you run a lot but don’t feel the symptoms of arrhythmia, it means that you will fulfill your ideas without obstacles and unexpected expenses.