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Artichoke - Meaning of Dream

Dreaming of artichoke represents your secret sorrows. But if you want to interpret it correctly, you need to recall in your memory the actions which were taken towards it, your mood in a dream or whether you observed any other objects with an artichoke.

To eat jam made of artichokes means that you will have a fight with somebody. You will want to prove your point of view and sometimes you don’t realize that your persistence can be offensive for somebody. Try to understand other people’s opinion, even though you have your own.

If you cook food with artichokes, this dream prepares you an excellent chance to demonstrate your nimbleness. You shouldn’t forget that your competence and skills always help you to achieve whatever you want. But this is possible only if you don’t neglect the responsibilities that should be taken on the way to success.

In a dream you decorate a dish with artichoke, it is a symbol that in real life you have success with opposite sex. More likely you will meet your soul mate after such dream. Now it is time to show your real nature and not to be afraid of being not accepted.

If you force your child to eat artichoke in a dream but he/she refuses, this is a symbol of obstacles on the way to your success. In order to reach your goals you will need to work harder.