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Artillery - Meaning of Dream

Artillery in a dream means that you will get to know some pleasant news: your enemies and envious will be defeated, you will gain peace of mind and prosperity in business.

To hear the shooting of artillery in a dream is a sub-conscious expectation for important news. Perhaps, you are waiting for some response to your business request that is going to change your life significantly.

To see an artillery shooting means that the action will develop fast, be careful and attentive. If you don’t prepare yourself for upcoming events, you will not be able to cope with them.

In a dream you are not afraid of artillery shooting, it means that you have firm intentions and nobody can stop you. You are able to reach anything you want, but you shouldn’t forget about people that surround you.

If you are afraid of artillery in a dream, you need to control your emotions in real life, because you risk suffering from nerve strain. Be more positive and take it easy.

To see yourself shooting with a help of artillery means that you will contact with somebody who is connected to military. It may be your friend, or a boyfriend, if you are a girl.

Dreaming of a fellowman in the image of artilleryman means that you should be ready for deception from a person you trust. So it is better to keep your secrets and ideas for some time and not to share it with others.

In a dream you attack an artilleryman, this is a sign that you will have to face lots of impudent deceivers.

The meaning of artillery in love dream interpreting book is following – you will be “attacked” with care from all directions. You will not resist it, and that is why your surroundings will think that you are one of those easily accessible ladies. Therefore you need to think twice before you accept somebody’s attention.