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Artist - Meaning of Dream

Artist, seen in a dream, is a harbinger of outrageous and adventurous events. Before you start interpreting a dream, you need to remember it in all details. After all, the outcome of the interpretation of a dream depends on how precisely you can describe it.

If you see an artist performing on a stage, it symbolizes the monetary interests. Dreaming of an artist is a sign of a significant financial replenishment. You may receive an expensive gift or win a grand prize in free lottery. In any case, this material flow doesn’t dependent on the work, it's not your salary, bonus or a reward for the successful execution of a project. The money will be exactly an unexpected godsend surprise. Do not forget that it doesn’t require any cash deposit. Therefore, the participation in dubious projects that require spending a certain amount (such as a purchase of lottery tickets, participation in pyramid schemes, etc.) is highly undesirable.

Being an artist yourself in a dream and enjoying the love of your fans while performing on a stage is an omen of a child birth. For women, it is the upcoming pregnancy, for men - paternity. For older people this dream could mean the birth of grandchildren or nephews.

If you perform on a stage with a famous artist, it is a symbol of new business or undertakings. Remembering all the details of a creative union you can assume the outcome of this project.

If the performance went well, the auditorium applauded and welcomed the artists, it means that your undertaking will have unprecedented success. This is the case when the maximum effect is achieved at the lowest cost.

If you sing back-up with a famous artist, it means that your put efforts will soon begin to bear fruit. Perhaps, now a project is not developing as fast as you would like, but you should not despair and give up trying. These difficulties are only temporary, and in the near future matters will improve abruptly bringing the desired result.

Dreaming of your favorite artist that exists in real life is a sign of news, surprises or fun event.

If you shake hands with an artist, it means that you will receive a present from someone who looks like this person.

If an artist gives you his autograph, then be ready to win a lottery. The prize will be surprisingly large and can be very useful.

If you give a bouquet of flowers to the artist, it means that people, whom you love, will need your help. It is necessary to respond to the request, because everyone needs support in difficult times.

If you see an artist on the red carpet, it is a sign of honor and respect among colleagues.

If you make friends with an artist in a dream, it means that in real life you will have an influential friend, who will be able to provide with the necessary support at any time.

If you see an artist removing the makeup, it means that you need to be careful, there is a risk of falling sick.