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Ask - Meaning of Dream

If in a public transport you realized that you missed your station and you ask a driver to stop, but he doesn’t respond, the dream foretells you a decrease of status or demotion without your consent.

If you ask you relatives to go out of your car, because you want to clean the mess, this dream predicts a fast and profitable sale of the car.

If someone asks you to share an orange - in reality you will have difficulties with this person, but your mutual business will bring a good income.

If you ask someone to borrow you money, you will receive this money in reality. If someone asked you to lend money but you refused, in reality there will be the exactly opposite situation: you will lend money, but a borrower won’t pay you back. So if possible, do not give your money to anyone.

If you ask for handout, the dream predicts success in business at minimum cost; the dream tells about your favorable and safe environment, many people sincerely wish to help you.

Asking for forgiveness for uncommitted acts predicts the worthy results in business, though it will develop not as fast as you have planned. If you ask for forgiveness for what you have done, this dream predicts disclosure of a confusing story with your help.

If someone asks you not to do certain things, in reality you will be persuaded to give up your enterprise, but you will make the decision independently.

According to Vanga if you ask for something when praying, you will be happy and large sorrows will pass you by. If you hear someone asking for something from God, this is a sign that this person needs help but is afraid to ask for it. Be empathetic and considerate, show compassion, and then your business will get better.

In Freud's dream book, if you see a cripple asking alms, this is a reflection of your attitude toward lovemaking: you consider yourself a superhero, who can attract attention and immediately make someone happy. You have to reconsider own attitude and be more self critical. If someone asks for a pen, this is a clear call for sexual relations.

If you ask the community to support you and join in the nudist movement, but they do not agree - the dream says that in reality, you want to try something new in intimate relations but your partner refuses. Perhaps, for now he/she is not ready to immediately accept your offer, but later he/she will happily to do so.