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Aspen (Populus tremula) - Meaning of Dream

Naturally, in most cases, the presence of aspen a dream is interpreted as a sad omen of the approaching trial, when the state of mind and the physical strength undergo a test. This is especially related to a dreaming in which a person stands under the aspen with fallen leaves. Most likely, you can face misfortunes that will affect your family values; moreover, you might lose your close friend or mourn about your relative's death.

If you cut down or uproot an aspen, this is a prediction of great problems. The solution of these problems is possible, but only after some time. If you create something with aspen in a dream, you will be responsible for indiscretions performed in the past.

An aspen is seen in dreams of people who are prone to melancholy and constant suffering. Their reality is full of tears, painful memories and awareness of the sinfulness of the world. It is believed that aspen was used to make a cross for the Crucifixion. Subsequently, the traitor Judas hanged himself on this tree. Therefore considered to be innocent in general, the tree is a symbol of deep sorrow.

If an aspen is bent in the wind, the dream predicts financial losses in the affair that doesn’t bring any pleasure. If you pluck the aspen leaves, it indicates that you are ashamed by own actions. And if you walk in aspen forest, it tells that you are surrounded by indifferent people. There is nobody among your friends who can support you in difficult times; and probably someone wishes you evil.

If a man dreams of an aspen - he will have troubles. A woman after such a dream should get ready for hostility on the part of superiors, slander and envy. Chances are that the dream warns against betrayal by a person who was always trusted.

A dream in which you grind a stake is a sign of impending illness. And yet the meaning of aspen and all gloomy interpretations should not be taken literally. For example, if you stand under a green tree, this is a sign of profit.

An aspen primarily means that in reality the person suffers depression. You definitely need to change your attitude to life, and fill it with more joyful emotions. You should pay more attention to communication with loved ones, and the negative prediction of a dream will disappear.