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Asphalt - Meaning of Dream


Seeing asphalt/asphalt surface in your dream is an omen of misfortune. It denotes that you’ll be confronted by thousands of obstacles on your way to success. You might think that to reach a goal you set wouldn’t take many efforts as far as it seemed to be rather simple. It is your biggest mistake. Never underestimate the difficulties you may face and never overestimate your own abilities. Take a reality check. It is a formula of success. Don’t lose your heart at the sight of the first trouble. You’d better look for a way of its effective solution. Nobody said it would be easy. Stay strong and determined, also reasonable and wise. These traits will obligatory help you on your way. Having gone through all this you’ll appreciate your victory even more.

If in your dream you’re watching how workers are asphalting, it foretokens two different outcomes.

According to the first one, all things in your life will sort themselves out soon; all events will correspond to your plan; you’ll lead a regular life style; your life will be stable. Good for you. It inspires confidence in tomorrow. Everything will be OK both in your business and domestic life. Your family won’t feel need in anything; working hard, you will provide them with everything they wish. Your private life will bring you only joy. Although, there can be the moments when you feel that you are extremely lacking something. Then you shouldn’t be afraid of breaking your ideal schedule a little. It will be useful for you. Maybe, you should step aside from your business affairs and have a rest somewhere.

The second interpretation of such a dream says that there is a possibility that you have to rearrange your priorities. Maybe, you cannot succeed because what used to be important to you earlier is not anymore. Try to look at these things with fresh eyes. To do this, you should abstract your mind from the usual understanding of the world.

If you’re setting foot on fresh asphalt, it may designate that you’ll be offered to work at some project. This occupation will take a lot of time and efforts. But it doesn’t mean that you will regret about your decision to accept such a proposal. On the contrary, it’ll be an opportunity for you to make your mark on the world.

However, such a dream can also caution you against the approaching of some unpleasant (and to some extent, humiliating) situation when you’ll have to justify your actions.

Seeing children’s drawings in chalk on the asphalt states that generally you are satisfied with your life and anticipate future positively.

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