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Asthma - Meaning of Dream


A dream, in which you feel a short of breath and have asthma, foretells that you will find a lot of difficulties and troubles that will appear on your way to well-being. Sometimes this dream can be considered as a sign of severe form of pneumonia, from which it will be hard to recover, possibly tuberculosis. Here you will see the interpretation of the dream about asthma or the feeling of short of breath, which is as well very diverse, due to the plot of a dream.

If you dream that you cope with your illness, or you are not bothered by the fact that you have asthma, it means that everything will be successful. This dream is a warning that your enemies are doing their best to hurt you. So, you should be careful in your actions and do not trust anyone your secrets.

The interpretation of a dream, in which you feel a short of breath, is sometimes different, because the word itself has a completely different meaning.

For people born in the period from September to December, the interpretation of asthma in a dream has a positive meaning. If you dream that you run away from the enemy and are short of the breath, it is a warning that the enemy should be avoided, because in reality, someone is undoubtedly want to do harm for you.

For those, who were born in the period from May to August this dream means health problems. It is necessary to consult a doctor, because gasping during the dream may appear because of coronary heart disease or other heart ailments. In the initial stages of such diseases it often manifests in such a way.

For people born in the period from January to April, this dream promises hopelessness. Sometimes it is better and more reasonable to hide and wait, and accumulate power for future, because it is impossible to do anything reasonable now. You have to treat the situation philosophically, because the main thing is not to hurt yourself, and often action harms more than inaction. The same dream could mean a situation, which you can’t accept or put up with. In reality most likely you get rid of such thoughts, so they come in a dream in such a bizarre way. Sometimes these dreams have quite physiological reasons - if a person is lying on his back and his tongue sunk into the larynx, or on the contrary, he is buried in the pillow, which prevents him from breathing.

Most often a dream, in which a person chokes, is so realistic that he/she even wakes up. This dream has a motive in real life. Most likely, there is something that interferes with normal life. Perhaps, these are tense relations with the parents or inability to afford separate living.

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