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Astrologer - Meaning of Dream

Dreaming of astrologer means that you have problems in communication with other people in real life. It is a hint that you will be deceived, but you have to take it easy, because you will not be able to change anything.

If you dream of an astrologer who tells you future in a dream, it means that you will manage some deals without compensation.

In a dream you are searching for an astrologer with an attempt to receive own horoscope, it is a sign that you are worried about your future undertakings.

If an astrologer tells you about your future but you don’t remember anything from his prognoses after you wake up, it means that you will not have any considerable changes in your life.

If you remember everything what astrologer told you, but the prognosis has a negative component, it means that it is time to change own views to life and everything that happens around.

In a dream you are engaged in astrology prognostication, it is a sign that you will be lucky, therefore success in business is guaranteed.

To read or buy astrology books in dream – means that very soon you will become rich and happy, but everything will be reached only with your own efforts.

If in the dream you fight with your partner, because he/she doesn’t understand you interest to astrology – in real life you don’t need to tell everybody about your hobby and predilection. You are an adventurous person and not everybody can understand you.