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Astronaut - Meaning of Dream

Due to the dream interpreter an astronaut means difficulty in communication with your children or disorder in relationships with husband. This period of your life is characterized by excessive self-criticism, and inability to turn a blind eye to small domestic problems which are not worth of such big attention.

If you wear astronaut clothes in your dream, in real life be ready for tricks from enemies and enviers, who try to disturb you in affairs and make all possible to crumb the deal. Be careful with strangers and people with unusual behavior.

To see yourself as an astronaut in the space is a signal of troubles in nearest future. For a young man, it is a sign that he shouldn’t get married now. It is better to wait and postpone this event, in order not to be knitted together with a wrong person.

If you observe how an astronaut emerges into open space, this dream warns you about serious danger in real life. Be careful while signing agreements and making arrangements.

Astronaut indicates your desire to live in the world without force of gravity, where nobody influences you, and you feel easy. Such a state of mind tells about your need to move the borders, and to go beyond the frames. You want to see yourself in a new surrounding or have a new life.