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Ataman - Meaning of Dream

Ataman who attacks with weapons means that in reality you would have to perform an action contrary to your moral code. It is important to recall bright memorable images of a dream. For example, ataman may hold a saber or modern weapons, and it will influence the meaning of a dream.

In dreams where you see some people, it is important to remember what feeling they cause to you.

If it is aversion or disgust, then in reality you will have quite opposite emotion. It is believed that a person of the same sex in your dream is a reflection of you. Subconscious mind gives an opportunity to look at yourself and draw conclusions in order to change something if necessary.

If you dream of ataman together with the robbers, then this dream foretells an upcoming quarrel with relatives.

Dreaming of a chieftain means that you might start a journey, however, this symbol is not quite unambiguous.

Dream book says that if you are an ataman, this is a reflection of your shaky position in society.

If you talk to ataman, it is a warning that you need to stop gambling. "Ataman" as a symbol is closely linked to the "leader". In these dreams his appearance and behavior plays an important role as well.

If a chieftain in a dream is aggressive, it does not means that it is a bad sign. In this case, you should pay closer attention to your surroundings and find a person who has a great impact on the rest. Such a dream means that this person want to have a contact with you.

The most literal are the actions in a dream, it embody the aspirations of a dreamer in real life. If you run from ataman, it means that in real life you escape from solving of a problem. But it won’t disappear and will just accumulate, so you need to think about it. Thus, you need to treat dreams seriously, because it can be a hint for you how to behave in the near future.

To meet a chieftain in a street is a sign of a long trip.

Cossack or robber chieftain, according to the dream interpreter has the meaning of precious finding.

In a dream you see one of your friends being a chieftain, in real life he will purchase something very favorably.

Due to mythological dream interpreter a chieftain means chaos, disastrous actions, fervors and family conflicts.

In a dream you fight or kill a chieftain – relax, you are always lucky.