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Atlas - Meaning of Dream


Looking through an atlas in your dream is a sign that has several meanings.

If in your dream you are examining an atlas, it denotes that you have itchy feet. Probably, it’s your subconsciousness hints you that it is time to change the surroundings. If you are really bored and don’t satisfied with your life anymore, there is the only efficient method to help you. It is travelling. New experience, new people, new life you are not accustomed to, new culture (if you travel abroad) will surely smooth your bad mood and inertness away even just because you won’t have time to think about the things that bothered you at home. Having come home you’ll be refreshed. There can be some obstacles on your way to take a journey though. Still, you’ll overcome them (but only under a condition that you really want it. If you have a desire, you’ll achieve anything). Remember, that you won’t work effectively while you aren’t totally devoted to your occupation. Detect the reasons of your distraction and eliminate them.

Also, what you should pay attention at is what exactly you were looking for in an atlas in your dream. Maybe, it’ll be a good idea for your travelling destination.

Scrutinizing an atlas in your dream also means that you shouldn’t be afraid of new beginnings. It is a favorable time for them. If you have some ideas, start realizing them. If there are some difficulties, they will be insignificant for you; you’ll easily cope with them.

A sign of studying an atlas in a dream can also give a characteristic of a person, who always plans everything thoroughly, who doesn’t do things hurry-scurry and who doesn’t come to hasty conclusions. You like to have everything under your control. It is a good trait of character without doubt. It shows that you are very responsible and want to do everything in the best way. Sometimes it prevents you from enjoying life truly though. You are always tense and cannot relax because of this burden. Maybe, you don’t have to treat some things so seriously. You’ll see that your mood will become better, you’ll find joy in your life and will be really able to relax after a long week at work if you regard life simpler.

Seeing that you are buying an atlas signifies that soon there can be a situation when your profound knowledge in some area comes in handy. It can be so that you’ll have to study a new field which is not your specialization. If you are serious about this, you’ll cover all necessary material successfully. This new experience will help you greatly in your work. Don’t be afraid. There is a chance that you’ll like it.

If you’ve torn an atlas in your dream, it designates that you’ll evidently have to postpone your journey (if you planned one). You’ll be disappointed and upset about such an unexpected change, but later you’ll understand that it is for the better. Try to find positive sides in such a situation.