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Atmosphere - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of clear atmosphere it means that you will find the right solution in order to get out of a difficult situation. The atmosphere consists of air. So if you dream of clean air, it is a sign of the end of all troubles, you will forget about lawsuits and worries on any topic.

If the air is dark with clouds of smoke, it means that you have to be ready for sad news and events, illness and loss. If you feel the air without slightest breeze, it means that you will have heart ache or pain as a result of the disease.

If you observe tornado in the air, you will have unexpected changes in life, unforeseen circumstances.

If you dream of strong and gusty wind- you should pay attention to your surroundings. Nearby you have envious and spiteful people who will to put obstacles in your way in business and love.

If the wind is warm and smooth, it is a sign of success in business. If you dream of a gentle breeze in the atmosphere, be ready for upcoming news.

If you dream of fog in the atmosphere, it means that you will be excited with some unknown matters, indecision will affect the outcome of your affairs.

If a person sees a bad dream, there is no need to worry; there are some methods to make a nightmare remain just a dream. Different nations have different rituals that allow avoid bad dreams. Before going to bed you must ask for help from the saints, or after the dream pray and ask the Blessed Virgin to avert a calamity.

On Friday dreams are prophetic, on Saturday – serious, and on Sunday they come true before lunch.

Interpretation of a dream about atmosphere depends on what you saw. After all, the atmosphere is made up of abyss, sky, wind, fog, air. It contains clouds and rain, hail and lightning. At day time the atmosphere can be clear or blue, not transparent or sunny, at night - star-spangled. The approach to the interpretation of a dream should be philosophical but with a bit of humor.

If you had a bad dream, the atmosphere with dark clouds and hail, then you will feel annoyed for wrong actions and wait for danger. If you dream of night clouds, you will make an unpleasant discovery or reveal a nasty secret.

Dreaming of clouds in sunset means that you will have an easy life. If you dream that you fly like a bird in the atmosphere, it means that you are tempting to start a risky business.

If you dream of an abyss, be ready for difficulties and extraordinary obstacles in life.

If you dream of sunny atmosphere you will receive a gift, will have changes in life and good relationships. In the atmosphere there is a thunderstorm – be ready for troubles.

Strong thunder is a sign of fulfillment of the dreams; unexpected thunder is a messenger of fate, prosperity will be sudden.

If the air in the atmosphere is blue, it is a sign of incensement in wealth, for farmers - rich harvest.