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Atom bomb - Meaning of Dream

To see an atom bomb in a dream means exorbitant potential for future, but you need to use it carefully. If you are able to target your efforts, you will reach your aim.

If in a dream the atom bomb explodes, this dream will cause you unexpected troubles. Even though you think that everything is under control, you still need to be careful with your competitors.

If you don’t see the explosion, but you hear people talking about an atom bomb you will receive unpleasant news. It may be connected with your partner, in particular his/her behavior in society.

To observe the place after atom bomb explosion is a prognostic of natural disasters. You are not able to prevent it, you just have to be ready for it.

If you see an atom war in a dream, it means that you have accumulated too much of anger. This anger can burst outside and lead to bad consequences.

To see the smoke from atom explosion means that your relatives will be in trouble. You need to help them as fast as possible.

If you see nuclear station in a dream, it is a signal to use your abilities and to start something new. You shouldn’t underestimate your abilities, in fact you can reach even more than you expect.

If in a dream you stand next to the nuclear reactor, it means that in the nearest future you will fall ill, try to pay more attention to your health and different symptoms.

Atoms in a dream mean primary reasons of disorder and troubles. It is possible that somebody tries to find out your secrets. You are very trustful, and people can easily use you.