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Atrophy - Meaning of Dream

The atrophy of one of your organs or a surgery which can help you to prevent atrophy is a signal of your unnecessary fears. Everything will be good. This dream is a reflection of your subconscious fear about the present and the future life. Perhaps you have some problems in life now, but you shouldn’t get depressed, the faster you solve them, the faster you will be free and happy.

If you wake up and you think that you have brain atrophy, but this is still a dream – it will cause you a big number of troubles. Be careful, your nervous system can suffer from that. The best way in this situation is to take it easy, visit a doctor and start using nervine medicine.

If you see paralyzed partner in a dream, it means that in nearest future you will need to manage your deals alone. Even though he shows his affection and love, still when bad times come you will be left alone, and no one will be able to help you. So, in order not to be disappointed in the future, you better rely only on own abilities and strength.

In a dream you see a dog hit by a car, as a result the dog has an atrophied foot, this dream means that you need to take better care about your relatives. Don’t forget that they require you attention and help, spare not time and efforts, as they really need you.