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Attempt - Meaning of Dream

A dream is considered as a review of the situation that can happen soon. But not every dream has to be perceived literally, because for example after a dreaming of attempt on someone, it will not happen in reality.

An attempt in this case promises a long life. A dream in which someone attempts upon your life portends a very long healthy life without diseases and ailments. If you attempt on someone’s life, the dream reflects your rash action, you should think of what you are doing.

However, not all dream books agree on the same meaning. Dream interpreters believe that an attempt on dreamer’s life is a terrible dream foretelling real danger. But sooner or later your worries will be gone, and everything will be fine.

An assault against life portends losses. If you see blood in such a dream, you will have losses in personal and professional life, and humiliation on the part of people around you. A dreaming of an attempt also tells that a dreamer is capable of breaking his/her friend’s life.

If you organize the assassination, it means that you play an important, but at the same time unseemly role in the fate of other person (most likely your best friend).

If an attempt was successful – you will achieve your goal and ruin the life of your close friend. You will do that not out of malice, but accidently, because you want to help.

An attempt may also be considered as a sign of a quarrel in the family.

If there was an attempt on property: car, house, apartment, computer, book, home appliances and so on, then it really a dream portends the failure in very important matter.

If in the newspaper you find out about the assassination attempt on the president, it means that your family has long been brewing discord, leading to a final end of any relationship. But you just don’t want to accept this and try to escape living in own world.

In some cases an attempt predicts love quest. A dream in which someone attempted dreamer’s life predicts a surge of sexuality, which will lead to the search for amorous adventures.