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Audience - Meaning of Dream

If you have audience in your dream, it will bring you success and happiness, and also there is a possibility to be promoted. This dream reflects your tranquility in communication with people.

If you have a big group of people as audience listening to you, it means that in real life you are too ambitious. Your goals and desires can play a bad trick with you. Maybe you will not have enough energy to gain everything you’ve planed.

If you receive a long waited audience and perform in front of them, it is a good sign. It symbolizes your self-development and upcoming promotion.

If you dream of an auditor, it has almost the same meaning. To see an auditor in a dream, who checks you leads to success in business.

If you are an auditor in your dream, be ready for tests and unpleasant consequences from your affairs. You didn’t think of good performance of your tasks in the past, and now you need to manage negative results of your actions.

To receive an offer to become an auditor means that in the nearest future you will be offered an attracting high-paid job. But there are also some bad terms and conditions of such a job – it is stress and irritation. You need to think through all the aspects of such opportunity and decide whether it is suitable for you.