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August - Meaning of Dream

If a dreamer has some events happening in August, he/she should be ready for unpleasant affairs, especially in business or private life.

If you plan some important deals for this month, you will face disorder in communication with folks, which can be prevented if you meet halfway.

If you plan your wedding for August in your dream, this is a warning sign of a critical condition in relations with loved one.

A dream where you see a calendar with a page on August indicates that soon you will meet somebody in the trip and you will become friends.

If you dream that you are planning a vacation or any business trip for this month, in reality you will become a witness of sad events, maybe you have to spend a lot of mental effort and money. Be prepared for the fact that your loved ones will behave in a bad way with you, do not get offended - they are just influenced by messages received days ago. At this difficult time be with them, support them.

If you dream that you see yourself on a hot August day, in reality you will be able to solve a problem that hangs over you for 8 months and makes you stay awake at night. However, if you feel uneasy or unsuccessfully are trying to find shade in order to hide from the heat - then in real life, you will get an email which will upset you a lot.

Dreaming of a wall calendar, with opened page at August foretells a random passenger who will ride with you in the truck with the number "8" or any other numbers which add up to eight. You might become best friends or business companions.