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Aul - Meaning of Dream

Aul is a type of fortified village found throughout the Caucasus mountains, especially in Dagestan.

If you see aul in your dream – it is a sign of sudden bustle and confusions. This may be a result of recent news or events which have a great impact in your life. If you want to avoid such feelings, you better not worry for insignificant matters and pay less attention to other people’s opinion about you.

In a dream you live in aul, it means that in real life soon you will need to change your style of living. This will be caused due to the change of a working place, so you will have to move to another city or a different apartment, which you will be able to afford due to your good salary.

The dream with a great feast in aul means that you will have troubles with finances and health. In particular, you will spend all your money for unnecessary and unhealthy stuff, and after all you will require treatment. This is basically related to problems with alcohol.

In the dream you travel and pass by aul be ready for change in your priorities. Your actions might become unstable. You will be influenced by a person with bad habits, so you better check your surrounding, and don’t yield to any persuasion.

In case in a dream you see yourself imprisoned in aul, it indicates the absence of compromise in private life. If you still don’t have your soul mate, it is due to the fact that you can’t find solutions to common problems. You need to talk more to your partner.