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Aura - Meaning of Dream

If you have a peaceful dream with aura of your friends or relatives, as a rule, such a dream can be interpreted in different ways. Clean and bright aura is a sign that you can fully trust them. If the contour of the aura in seen badly or it has gaps, it means that this person will need your moral support. Friendly conversation or good advice will be enough in this situation.

If you dream of a stranger, and you see his/her clear aura, this dream may herald the appearance of a trusted friend or a worthy business partner. Aura of a stranger in a form of a black haze suggests that it is necessary to beware of envious.

If you see the aura of own body, it is the first signal that you should pay attention to your moral principles. Since this dream may warn that at the moment you retreat from your life beliefs and may regret about it in the future. In order to avoid a deep inner conflict you need to try to calm down and to make up your mind.

The image of your own aura in a dream suggests that for gaining spiritual harmony it is necessary to work hard.

For a person physically exhausted or sick, a dream in which his aura emits unusually beautiful stream of light or shimmering silver sparkles, means improving of the state, and possibly a full recovery.

If you have such a dream not for the first time, then you may forget about any illness for a long time, and be completely healthy. Sometimes, it indicates that you are moving in the right direction and soon you will acquire spiritual purity.

Remembering the colors of the aura you can distinguish the mood and condition of a person in a dream. If aura has red shades, most often it indicates the presence of the leadership skills and large energy potential. Yellow aura tells that a person is very friendly and optimistic. Green color of the aura tells that a person is caring and responsive. Honesty and openness of a person is presented with emerald aura.

If you see a person with blue aura, maybe soon you will find your spiritual teacher. The most favorable is a dream where you see aura of white or silver color – your life will be changed for better.

If you see bad and dark aura, it means that you have uncertainty in life and problems with health.

If you see aura illuminating lights you will have unconditional success in affairs.