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Australia - Meaning of Dream

A dream where events happen in Australia means that you addicted to risk and adventures. You can do something which you don’t even expect from yourself.

Mainland in a dream means that your life will finally flow quietly, without emotional and financial turmoil. It is time for relaxation, or for a trip to exotic countries. Finally your dream will come true, and your desires will be generally accepted. You will be able to organize your past memories, consider all mistakes, note pros, and highlight priorities in order to continue further happy life.

During this period, you can also start any project and you will be able to reach a lot. Don’t miss such a chance in your life, as you don’t know when the next lucky moment in your life is. Do not be lazy, start a new undertaking and you will finish it even faster than you can imagine. The profit which you get out of it will please you and make you happy for a long time in future.

If you see the whole continent of Australia in your dream, it means that your life now is in a state of stability and solidity. It is a very favorable dream. To some extent this period can be called a time to take stock, accounting for all mistakes and achievements before the next "throw" in the turbulent waves of life, full of challenges and joys. This time is favorable for new beginnings and planning of future life.