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Author / writer - Meaning of Dream

To see an author in your dream means that it is difficult for you to reveal your creative potential. Perhaps, you are such kind of a person, and you don’t need to sweat guts out in order to prove the opposite.

If you see an author looking through his/her finished work – some troubles will appear in your life. You need to face it bravely; otherwise it can hurt your feeling and matters a lot.

If you see a lot of authors in your dream, you will have a pleasant talk. But if you talk to them in your dream, your affairs and plans will be unsuccessful. No matter what you have already started, try to finish it as fast as possible and don’t expect any income or good outcome from it.

A dream where you are an author means that soon you will have to make decisive steps in your life. This is not the first time you do this, so collect all your experience and act boldly.

To prove your authorship in the dream is a prognostic of severe competition. In real life, there are a lot of people who envy your success, and you need to know how to withstand the competition, otherwise your efforts will be put in vain.

To be an author and to get a refusal from the publisher in a dream is not the same as in real life. Don’t be upset. This dream means only publisher’s doubts, which will be managed and your work/manuscript will be accepted.

If you are an author and you are not happy with your work, in real life your work will be noticed and it will bring you fame. Your time has come, and now you will be on the edge of glory.