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Auto radio - Meaning of Dream

If you buy super modern auto radio, sooner or later you will do a lot of thoughtless deeds. Now it is not a time for such actions, you need to review own values and try to concentrate on more important things in life.

A dream where you insert a cassette or a disk into your auto radio means that your efforts will be useless and your work will not be appreciated.

In a dream your radio was stolen – be more alert in real life.

If your radio is broken, it means that you will have unforgettable entertainment and relaxation. Broken radio in a dream – is a sign that, if you believe in unfounded rumors, you will risk failing your business.

For a lady, if she doesn’t know how to turn on the radio, in real life she will be engaged in new occupation.

A dream in which you listen to an auto radio means that you will appreciate the unexpected arrival of a new acquaintance.

If you hear cheerful music on an auto radio you will have pleasures and prosperity.

If radio plays with a full volume a dream indicates: you'll be able to withstand any intrigues of envious.

To tune a radio to the desired channel is a sign that in the near future you will have to make a serious choice.

To turn on the radio and find out that it does not work means that soon you will be burdened with many troubles, which will cost you energy and nerves.