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Autobahn - Meaning of Dream

Dreaming as if you are standing on an autobahn and catching some passing cars means that you have disorder in relation with a cohabitant.

If you drive your car very fast on an autobahn, it means that your dignity is in danger, you can become poor. Be more moderate in making some important decisions.

If you pick up some passengers on an autobahn, this is a warning sign about problems with health or unpleasant news.

Standing next to an autobahn and observing cars passing by means that the dreamer might choose the wrong path in life.

Highway, seen in a dream symbolizes your policy of communicating with people, depending on the load of the traffic. Busy traffic with plenty of cars says about your inclination and ability to communicate with many people, finding a common language with others, as well as time and energy on maintaining friendships or at least familiarity.

Empty highway is a warning, your social life came to naught, and you barely have energy to communicate with your closest friends and family. Perhaps you feel a temporary estrangement from others, associated with bad health or heavy workload at work. If this is true, while staying in this state, at least pay attention to those who are dear to you, or you risk being misunderstood and left alone.