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Autobiography - Meaning of Dream

In a dream you are writing an autobiography it means that soon some important changes will happen in your life, not excluded moving out for a better place. Finally, your time has come, and you will be able to fulfill a long waited dream.

If you speak out somebody’s autobiography, it means that your enemies will reveal your secrets soon; they know more than you can imagine.

Dreaming of your life changes, i.e. observing the facts of your own biography which is different from a real one portends new alternatives for your future destiny. For example, if you live under ground in a dream, it suggests imminent danger that could affect all your business and overthrow you from the heights to the bottom of life.

The dreams about past life are often seen by people who think a lot about life, spirituality and own destiny. These people are passionate about mysticism, spirituality, philosophy. Often these dreams merely reflect the desired, but do not express the ability. If a dream is too colorful, like a Hollywood movie, it is just a figment of a rich imagination of a dreamer. If it looks like a vague memory, it is possible that your subconscious stores memories of actual past life. After analyzing this dream, you can understand much about the current existence.