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Autogen - Meaning of Dream

If you use autogen in your dream with the aim to open a door in your flat, it means that most likely you will have to make a difficult choice. If the same situation happens not with your flat, it means that somebody tries to hide bad news from you.

If your flat was robbed with the usage of this utility, in real life business on which you spend so much time and efforts will disappoint you.

If you can’t open a safe and use autogen – beware to make a wrong choice in critical situation.

If welders burn your house with autogen by imprudence, this is a signal that soon you will need somebody’s help and support.

A dream where your wife asks you to buy autogen is a sign that your intimate life doesn’t satisfy you. Try to surprise your partner with unexpected gift.

If you dream that you find autogen, it means that you need to be a little calmer, keep track of your emotions and do not explode on every occasion.

If you dreamed that you received autogen as a present - be careful with a person who did it. He/she might deliberately provoke you to show aggression, thus trying to ruin your relationships with others.

If you work with autogen and it breaks - be careful when choosing a partner for the company. The person whom you have chosen before is not reliable.

In a dream you are wearing clean formal attire and are trying to learn how to use autogen/blowtorch, it means that your life will change for the better. Most likely, the changes are connected with business life.