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Autograph - Meaning of Dream


If you are a star or a famous person and you see how people, mostly youngsters take your autograph, it means that in real you don’t ask for anybody’s help and you only rely on own abilities and skills. Sometimes such position is not correct. Higher power hints you through this dream that it is always better to underestimate own skills then overestimate it. If you continue behaving the same way you might suffer a lot of it. You should seek help from someone in your environment, and then things will go much faster and better. The most importantly is to choose the right person to rely on.

A dream in which you ask an autograph from a famous person, is an indication of your distrust and disbelieve in own abilities. You shouldn’t exaggerate your modesty as it will not bring any positive results to your affairs and personal life. You are too much afraid of responsibility; therefore you constantly shift it to someone else who can manage it with ease. If you at least partially take some responsibilities, you will be able to see own potential.

In the dream you see your friends who ask for someone's autograph, this dream means that you are too proud of yourself. This may be the reason of obduracy and coldness of your soul, but in reality you don’t seek for that. If you look around you will notice that there are not many reasons to be proud of yourself. Perhaps you are too narcissistic, but it is not worth of troubles which can happen to you because of that.

The feeling of delight in a dream when you take an autograph is a sign of the appearance of a person, which will bring a lot of happy moments into your life. This person may be a bright chapter in your life, and make a new meaning for your existence. For a girl, a delight in a dream means, that she will like some boy very much. It is likely to get a marriage proposal from a lover.

For a man, this dream means, that soon he may come across a girl who will play an important role in his life and heart, and will become his companion in life.

If many people experience delight while taking autographs, it means that soon you will take an active part in upcoming celebration, such as a wedding or birthday. If you see animals next to you in such dream, you will have a pleasant meeting with an old friend (girlfriend).

If you see someone of your close people in such dream, it means that hard times for that person will soon end, and he/she will win in some important affair or dispute, and will be able to defend own honor before the law.

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