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Autoparts - Meaning of Dream

In a dream you repair your car and have some spare autoparts left, it is a sign that you can hurt somebody’s feelings with your words. Be careful with your folks, they are sensitive.

If you choose and buy autoparts, it is a hint that purchases in real life can be rather thoughtless. Don’t do anything you will regret of.

If you are an owner of autoparts shop, it means that your time was spent in vain. Don’t try to get something you don’t really need.

For a woman to change autoparts by herself is a sign of a very hard unpleasant work, which will be fundamental for future success.

If a man changes autoparts he should forget about worries and concerns. This stage of life will be successful.

If you look in a dream book to check what a broken car means, you will find a lot of references to the future problems. But this is more an association than a prediction of what will happen in the future. After all, any transport in a dream is just a moving force, which directs you where you need.

A car, which has undergone an accident on the road, may indicate rapid movement in the wrong direction, if it is red, blue or green. Yellow, white, silver or gold car indicates that the forces of the universe support you in your life, allowing you to reach own goals with minimal losses.

A car crashed in a dream often causes negative emotions, and even fears. But you should not get stressed from it in panic. You need to carefully analyze this dream and try to understand: what your subconsciousness wants to inform your conscious part of the mind about. And when realized, make some correct conclusions and change own goals or perception of the world.