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Avocado - Meaning of Dream

Very often avocado symbolizes lie. If you see it in your dream you might be a very willful person. But sometimes circumstances are not the same as you see it.

If you see very thick avocado skin, it means that you will have to show your nature in real life.

A dream with a very tasty avocado is a prognostic of big happiness.

If you see a very big seed in avocado fruit this is an indicator of your creative energy.

Dreaming of a fruit ripening among the leaves usually predicts a prosperous future. Green fruits mean unnecessary effort and rash acts. If a young woman in a dream eats avocado fruit, it portends her moral degradation and loss of inheritance. To eat avocado fruits is unfavorable dream.

To buy or sell avocado means a big and not profitable transaction. To see various fruits on a tree means joy and prosperity.

To tear off fruits from trees indicates upcoming happiness and romantic love affairs.

If you buy fruits – in real life you should pay attention to your surroundings.

If fruits are lying on a plate – you will have guests.

To eat sweet fruits is a good symbol; it is a sign of communication in a pleasant company.

Sour fruits mean that something bad and offensive may happen to you. Dry fruits indicate unfavorable union or marriage. Boiled or dried fruits foretell difficult times ahead.

Dreaming of seeds of fruits - means sadness. To nibble seeds of a fruit – means success.