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Ax - Meaning of Dream


Ax is a symbol of break up and threat. If you dream of an ax, which is just lying or sticking out of somewhere, most likely, this symbol is meaningless.

But if you see an ax in your hands, it is a sign that you should stop all of its beginnings or new relationships. Be alert to new acquaintances, they can harm you. Also try to be less aggressive in the near future; otherwise you will make a real mess of things. Ax in your hand, first and foremost, is a warning for you.

Dreaming of an ax in somebody else’s hands is an obvious danger that comes from this person. If you know this person, it is better to avoid communication with him/her in the near future. At the same case, if you see a strange holding an ax in his/her hands, it is a sign of violence or fighting. So, in the near future, be very careful with anyone and do not quarrel in other people, and do not interfere in other affairs.

Chopping wood with an ax in a dream means that you will face a lot of work, which will soon be piled on you. It will likely be simple, but very long and boring. If you see someone else chopping wood - it is a quarrel with a close friend.

If you dream of an ax in a chopping block, it is a sign that you have not completed some important work. It is time to return to your former gaps and start all over again. This interpretation is not only about work, but also about relationships with other people.

If you dream you get hit with an ax, it means that you will have a serious disease of the internal organs or fractures, or even open wounds.

If you hit someone with an ax it is a symbol of the fact that very often you demonstrate the exercise authority over others. It's time not only to command, but also start listening to your subordinates, wife, friends, or family.

If you dream of an ax that has to be sharpened, or you dream how you sharpen an ax, it is a sign of rapid changes in your life. They will be small, but you will immediately notice them. And most of all, the changes are going to be bad.

If you dream that you watch how someone else is sharpening an ax, it means that you will have to cope with intrigues against you.

Do not forget that the ax in a dream - it is primarily a warning for you. Be more careful in the coming days, and any threat will be avoided. In addition, beware of the enemies and envious, who will try to do something bad against you.

If you chop a head with an ax and find gold coins inside, it means that you will be able to overcome all difficulties in life. After such dream you will be lucky, and will be able to sign some very important deals.

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