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Axiom - Meaning of Dream

If you have difficulties in proving an axiom, the dream means that you trust somebody who can use you. Believe only in yourself. Before sharing your secrets with someone it is better to check the person. Only by knowing for sure that a person is trustworthy, you will be able to continue your deals with ease and without the feeling that something can go wrong.

If you are disproving an axiom in your dream – you need to try to analyze all aspects of the situation, and reduce your passionate temper. Sometimes you act strange without thinking of consequences. This dream warns you of such behavior, and if you don’t analyze your deeds and continue doing the same mistakes it can end up sadly.

To see a new definition of axiom means that you will be blamed because you complicate everything all the time. Problems can come alone, so there is no need to make them up. Relax and take it easy, otherwise you will lose your energy before actual situation where you need it.

If you see an axiom which you don’t actually know, this means that soon your life will change, you will get under strong influence. Despite of your will, somebody is going to affect your life being, and this will be a great surprise for you. Nevertheless, after some time you will get used to new situation and will easily control it.

To receive a book full of axioms in the dream means that soon you will meet a person who will help you to create your life plan and will ease your life-being. This might be your partner at work or in private life. Anyways don’t miss your chance as this might be a real opportunity to become successful in business in a favorite sphere of activity or to become a good spouse and parent.