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Baby carriage - Meaning of Dream

In accordance with a modern dream book, a presence of baby carriage symbolizes a newborn that is relevant to your family or your friends. For a dreamer without a family, a dream with a pram predicts a rapid and successful conclusion of the marriage bond.

Empty baby carriage represents the unsettled life, and loneliness that entails grief. A baby carriage with children predicts bright and favorable impressions.

If you hear a cry from a carriage, the dream predicts a lot of trouble, which will be hard to overcome without external interference.

Broken baby carriage is a harbinger of a measured pace of life, the possible worries, and longing for the loved ones. If you saw a stroller for twins, it portends real radical changes.

Light and elegant carriage that moves quickly is a harbinger of violent intimate passion. In reality a man will be tempted to have relations with passionate, obscene and immoral woman. For a lady, this is a sign of a brief intimate relationship with a stranger.

In Miller’s interpretation, a baby carriage is a reminder of a good true friend. If you used a stroller as a mean of transportation, this is a sign of some ailments. If you search for a baby carriage in a dream, it portends the overwork, which will be the beginning of material prosperity.

A harnessed carriage is a harbinger of a fun and carefree period of life.

In Freud's dream book, a wheelchair indicates the inferiority of a dreamer, obsessive fear, the need for care. A wheelchair is a symbol of helplessness.

If someone dared to take your pram, it hints that in reality you have to pay attention to your close friends. This dream foretells the appearance of gossip among friends and enviers. After dreaming of about baby carriage, you should not do things that are especially important, since they will surely fail.

If you dream as if you are a small child lying in the pram, it states that you suffer loneliness and pain, because you don’t feel the support of loved ones. If you rock a baby carriage, you will enjoy life in reality.

In ancient times, people tried to solve every dream, because they believed that dreams could hint how to live in the future. That is why a lot of dream books were created, and people used them to find the message.

If you saw a stroller, the dream states that you have a real friend who can help and support you at any moment. Also such a dream may portend the christening of recently born baby.

If you and your partner walk with a baby carriage, it's a good sign that will bring peace of mind to family life. Possibly you will have the addition to your family or will make close friends.

Also such a dream foretells the conversation with a naive and gullible person who can make your hackles rise, but you should remain calm and treat him/her nicely.