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Bachelor - Meaning of Dream


Bachelor in a modern dream book. If you dream of a man, such a dream promises you exquisite pleasures. If you dream of a bachelor, whom you don’t know yet, it means that in real life you will be actively involved in some kind of racy adventure.

If a woman dreams of herself as a bachelor, such a dream predicts her ambiguous event, which will be an object for gossips.

Romantic encounter with a bachelor and a conversation with him in a dream is a sign of suffering and tears without significant reasons.

If you dream that a small bachelor starts a fight with a strong and tall man - it means that you prefer to niggle instead of solving global problems. Also this dream foretells an acquaintance, which is going to make you much happier.

Bachelor in Miller's dream book. Dreaming of a handsome bachelor who is pleasant in conversation is a good sign that foretells receiving of a good status.

If you happen to dream of a sullen and ugly unmarried man – be ready for problems which are going to take all your energy. If a woman is dreaming about a very handsome bachelor, it promises her fame and glory. If he kissed her, this dream can predict treason.

According to Vanga dream book, young bachelor in a dream is a sign of dismay; old bachelor - a long life; thick - a pleasant pastime.

Bachelor in Freud's dream book for men symbolizes the presence of a sexual rival. Most likely, this dream is a reflection of your jealous suspicions and fantasies. If a woman sees a man and subconsciously feels that he is single, it means that in life she lacks of tenderness and affection.

If you are a bachelor in a dream and you are watching the birth of twins, it means that in the near future you will get married. If you are a married man, such dream indicates an addition to the family of unhealthy child and his long-term treatment.

If you are a bachelor and see an empty cradle in a dream, it means that you will be unlucky. It is also a sign of unhappy marriage. Perhaps, you will remain a bachelor for the rest of your life, and will not decide to get married.

If you are a married man now but you dream that you are a bachelor eating something with a great appetite, it means that you miss your past life, because you suffer everyday wife’s suspicions.

If a bachelor sees his ideal woman in a dream, it means that he will have happy changes in private life.

If a married woman sees an ideal man in her dream, it means that in real life she will be promoted and will have a high social status.

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