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Bacon - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of food, in reality you will have a series of small troubles that will disturb your plans. To eat bacon alone is a sign of sadness and material losses. To eat bacon in a friendly and cheerful company, this dream predicts the best events, success in business and a pleasant acquaintance.

If you see a child caring away a plate of bacon, but you did not even have time to try it, this dream means that you will have to go through the unpleasant events related to your close people.

Bacon in a dream book by Miller is an auspicious dream, in case, you eat it in a friendly company with clean hands. Rancid bacon in a dream is a sense of dissatisfaction and gloomy thoughts.

If you cook bacon, it is a bad sign, especially if you see it salted or smell the smoke. If you cook bacon and everything around is dirty – it is a bad sign. If everything is clean around – it is a good sign.

Bacon in a dream book by Vanga Dreams is a good omen. Food symbolizes hospitality and prosperity. Eating bacon with your friends means that your friendship is put to the test and will be even stronger. If you have an aversion towards your companion at a table, it is a sign of a conflict in real life. Spoiled bacon in a dream is a sign of troubles and frustration.

If you slice bacon, it is a sign of a love affair. If you treat someone with bacon, it is a sign of serious sexual relations. To see bacon is a sign of good health, wealth and a huge family fortune. Eating bacon - sadness, buying - hardship due to illness, possible death of a friend or a complete rupture of relations with him/her because of the absurd conflict.